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Operation theatre is one of the most delicate places in any healthcare facility. Lives can be saved or ruined depending upon the efficiency and cleanliness of surgery rooms. Healthcare administrators and surgeons have been spending a fortune just to figure out how this place can be kept infection free and sterile, that too in an affordable way. This is where the procedure trays come into the picture.

procedure tray is a sterile set of equipment that has all the tools a health expert needs in order to perform a surgery. The tray is built with the needs of the end user in mind and contains only that tools required for a specific surgery or procedure. Every hospital follows its own procedures and has its own requirement. As per the particular hospital requirement, this kit is designed. The pack is designed in order to nullify issues such as set-up time, cost, surgical waste and risk of contamination.

        Procedure Trays Market

Benefits of Procedure trays

Less time wasted on Preparing Trays

Regular operations in a health facility need to have every surgical equipment in place and should be ensured that it is sterile before and after any operation. The procedures like sterilizing and managing the instruments require extra dedicated staff. Apart from the staff, this work will also indulge other resources like electricity needed to sterilize and a lot of time. Hence, the custom-made procedure tray would eliminate all these hassles required to handle an operation.

Less Room for Errors

Purchasing the right tray, would give the hospital staff the right equipment for any procedure and thus reduces the time wasted on waiting for the assistant to pass the right tool. A surgeon doing the operation, can learn the orientation of the custom tray and know which tools to expect and where to get it whenever the surgeons reach out. This reduces the room for errors and any malpractices.

Less Wastage of resources

Buying unpacked surgical equipment may sometimes lead to lesser or overstocking of equipment. Procedure trays are the perfect blend of the right equipment for specific procedure or surgery. It is also easier to store these neatly packed procedure trays and thus save space and resources.

Proper Waste Disposal

Once the operation is completed, one can easily dispose of these trays with the help of the packaging provided. Getting rid of medical waste is quite expensive. The hospital authorities have to ensure that the hazardous medical waste is properly packed and won’t be a biohazard. The process of disposing of takes a lot of time and resources.  Thus, procedure trays try to eliminate these hassles by providing you reusable packaging that doubles up as disposal containers.

New Launches

Disposable Sterile Packed kit for one & two-level Fusions launched by ECA

ECA Medical Instruments has recently launched an instrument set for Cervical-One single-procedure. This instrument set is made in a view for use in one as well as two-level cervical spine implant procedures. This instrument set is tailored for securing screws and plates that are commonly utilized to treat spine deformity and degeneration cases.

The utilization of cervical-one kit has been rapidly increasing in many healthcare facilities as it reduces operating cost, improves patient safety, eliminates the need of instrument sterilization and cleaning, and provides perfect fixation of implants, thus reducing the risk of infections during surgeries.

This surgery ready solution provides differentiated instruments, which, are not only economical but also clinically meet the demands of cervical spine degeneration repair. Packed in sterile-pack fully recyclable trays, these instruments use medical grade polymers for durability and strength.

The disposable instrument kit is marketed by ECA in three configurations:

  • Set of instruments for the anterior cervical plate and screw fixation.
  • Interbody implant fixation kit.
  • A combined anterior cervical discectomy fusion (ACDF) kit combing instrumentation.

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Hence, the procedure trays market has huge prospects for growth in the near future, with numerous companies looking to expand into this growing market.

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