Electrophoresis Market By Region – Global Forecast – 2023

Electrophoresis Market

Electrophoresis Market Overview

Electrophoresis is the movement of dispersed particles relative to a fluid under a consistent electric field applied spatially.

Electrophoresis is a technique used in laboratories to divide macromolecules (proteins) based on size. This technique applies negative charge on proteins to create them move towards a positive charge. This is also used for both RNA and DNA analysis also. It can be used to divide proteins by size, density and purity. It also be used for plasmid analysis, which develops our understanding of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics.

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The different factors driving the electrophoresis market include the increasing importance of proteomics research. Growth in the proteomics market have consequently driven the electrophoresis market. Electrophoresis has most important application in proteomics; hence, an increase in the number of scientific discoveries a increasing from the human genome project and advancement in high-throughput technologies for protein studies has boosted the global proteomics market. This has resulted in a similar effect on the global electrophoresis market. Additionally, with the patent expiration of various bestseller drugs increasing new drug development investments, and the market focusing on research projects connecting proteins, associated biomolecules, and genes are also driving this market. There has been an important demand for technologically advanced electrophoresis equipment that are capable of given that higher precision and enhanced detection limits along with higher throughputs.

Electrophoresis Market Forecast Report (2018-2023)

The Global Electrophoresis Market was worth USD 2.26 billion in 2018 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 5.4%, to reach USD 2.94 billion by 2023.

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Electrophoresis Market Segmentation

The Global market for Electrophoresis is divided based on Product, Application and End Users. Reagents holds the high share in the market in terms of products while gel electrophoresis is expected to increase the fastest. In terms of end user, Academic & research institutes are expected to account for a large share of the market.

Based on Geographical analysis the market is classified into regions of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa. North America is leader in the market while Europe is at second place. Growing focus of stakeholders on research projects involving proteins, associated biomolecules and genes has helped North America control the market. Asia Pacific is expected to reach the fastest due to increasing research funding, growing proteomics and genomics techniques and increasing adoption of advanced electrophoresis techniques.

Key Developments in the Market

  • The global electrophoresis market is dominated by Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., and GE Healthcare Ltd., followed by Agilent Technologies and Life Technologies Corp. Enhanced technology, varied product portfolio, innovative solutions, efficient after sales services and others are the main reasons for the dominance of Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., and GE Healthcare Ltd.
  • A major trend in the market is the rising popularity of lab-on-a-chip technology in electrophoresis. This technology combine with electrophoresis is used for screening proteins and other molecules.

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Major Players: 

Some of the major key players dominating this market

  • Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • GE Healthcare
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
  • Danaher Corporation
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Merck Millipore
  • PerkinElmer
  • Lonza Group Ltd.
  • Shimadzu Corporation
  • Harvard Bioscience
  • Sebia Group
  • B.S. Scientific Company.

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