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Let’s admit it, we are all health conscious. No matter how care-free we might want to be, the fear of ill-health has always haunted us all. Then again, there’s the popular notion of “healthy foods are not tasty.” But now we have an exception – Fruit Concentrate. The product so good, it has become the staple drink with breakfast around the world. At this rate, it might soon replace fruit juices and fruit powders.
What is Fruit Concentrate?

Fruit Concentrate is the non-alcoholic concentrated syrup of naturally squeezed fruit juice from which water is removed. It is often referred to as Fruit Syrup or Squash. Its usage has become so extensive that many households are moving from fruit juices and fruit powders to syrups. This is no surprise as they offer a variety of benefits over its substitutes.

Making juice from concentrate is as simple as adding water and ice cubes if you’d like. Yes, it is that simple. However, the process of manufacturing the fruit concentrate is not that simple. Manufacturing companies find and pick only the best of the fruits and send them forward to be processed. The fruits are then peeled and squeezed to produce the juice. The company then uses a Thermally Accelerated Short-Time Evaporator (TASTE) for pasteurizing, which quickly heats the juice, causing the water to evaporate, leaving only the concentrate. It is then stored at sub-zero temperatures (-12˚C) for packing and sale.
Fruit syrups, due to their concentrated form, can be stored for longer duration and don’t take up much space in your refrigerator. It is also preferred over its substitutes due to its low cost and extensive storage capabilities. Fruit Concentrates are even being used as sugar and flavour substitutes in cakes, chocolates and other edible foods. It is also high on its nutritive values and is said to provide the highest level of hydration for the body. The nutritive values of syrups vary due to the type, fruit and amount of additives added to the concentrate. However, syrups cannot be taken blindly due to their added sugars and preservatives. Companies add sugars and other alternative additives to enhance the taste and sometimes, add preservatives to improve the longevity irrespective of their storage conditions. Consumers must watch out for these levels and labels before purchasing any concentrate product as it vastly alters the number of calories and sugars.

Major market players like Agrana Beteiligungs, Kerr Concentrates, Inc., China Haisheng Juice Holdings Co. Ltd., Hershey, Coca Cola’s Minute Maid, Kerry Group, Döhler Group, Kanegrade Ltd and many more are at a close battle to dominate the Juice Segment of the FMCG market. Coca Cola’s Minute Maid dominates the Orange Juice Market right now. Analysts at Market Data Forecast estimate the market at USD 32.61  billion and assure that it will reach USD 42.62 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 5.5%. At this rate, the juice segment is expected to occupy the largest position in the market.
It is important to remember that no man-made product, even Fruit concentrate cannot replace the goodness of whole, raw natural fruits. Yet, in this fast-paced world where no one has the time or patience, fruit syrups serve as the perfect product to meet the needs of a healthy balanced diet.

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