Biopesticides Market – An Comprehensive Analysis

The increasing demand for food safety issues had led to the use of a variety of agrochemicals on the agricultural fields all around the world. Furthermore, pesticides are the hotspot when it comes to the most widely used agrochemicals as they are the most applies and sophisticated products for pest control. Pesticides account for the majority stake in the agrochemicals market, with the recently developed biopesticides  market accounting for a relatively much lower share.

There has been an increase in demand for much more efficient pesticides majorly owing to the unpredictability of the application of these agrochemicals in agricultural fields. The demand has been met with rapid and significant innovations in the procedures of management and technology such as the rising popularity of the application of bio pesticides and the high usage of synthetic pesticides which have made this market segment, the largest in the agrochemicals industry.

The application of pesticides leads to greater enhancements in the output of an agricultural field. Furthermore, the increasing consumer awareness regarding the quality and safety of the products they consume has to adherence to strict safety standards at all the stage of the use of pesticides. The ingestion of toxic chemicals on the farm, coupled with the discharge into ground water and air can lead to severe fatality among humans. Therefore, the usage of pesticides is being met with stringent norms and regulations all around the world by administrative bodies to curb the negative impact of pesticide usage.

Alternatively, a safer method to use pesticides, is the application of biopesticides which only target organisms and pests which are in close proximity of it. Even though bio pesticides account for a very minor share of the total market, it can be anticipated that bio pesticides are a major opportunity as they are very adherent to the environmental norms and also tend to be more effective when they are used in integrated farming techniques. Bio pesticides act naturally to destroy pests and hence are becoming a safer and convenient option for farmers.

Another method of farming rapidly gaining popularity is the practice of organic farming which is majorly demand driven, owing to the rising consumer preference for products which are organically grown. The above amalgamated with the increasing awareness among farmers on matter related to organic farming such as lesser soil damage and better soil longevity is the major driving force behind the growth of the organic farming market. In this sector, farmers generally apply bio-control agents and bio-pesticides in their agricultural fields, which consequently increases the market share of bio pesticides.

A lot of international organizations are working on the improvement of the market in protection of crops involving natural methods. Further, The Bio pesticides and Pollution Prevention Division has been engaged in encouraging the use of pesticides that are safer as components of IPM programs, which majorly includes the use of bio pesticides, which involves the coordination of programs like Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP).

The global industry of crop protection is surely impressive as it outperforms all other segments of the agrochemicals market.

Growth of the global crop protection industry is surely impressive as it is the best performing segment of agrochemicals. However, supervisory issues, cost factor, and conflict with GM crops are damaging the growth of the industry. Also, the decreasing land area for agricultural operations, the scope for the pesticides companies is to focus on Research and development to develop sustainable methods to increase crop yield in areas with low acreage.

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