Technology That Makes You Healthier

In the rush and hustle of an everyday life, we tend to ignore our health. However, with advancements in technology, healthcare solutions are now available at our fingertips.

E-health applications that help you prioritize manage, store, record and share information have been game changers. But what exactly is e-health and why does everyone keep talking about it, you might ask? Multiple medical journals define e-health as a field which takes into account the characteristics of medical informatics, health services and information, public health and businesses.

Integrating health and internet services have been creating a peculiar niche for itself. It has increased the efficacy of communication between healthcare providers and patients at a minimal cost. It allows consumers to compare different services and providers.

Consumers and patients can now make informed decisions before opting for over the counter medications as well. Any tests or diagnosis available at the tap of a phone application can help patients ask relevant and direct questions to the concerned physician.

Using the concept of the internet of things or IoT, the e-health feature has been integrated with cloud services and wearable devices that keep track of the vitals and biometric features. Pulse, oxygen in the blood, temperature, ECG signals, body scale parameters and much more can be monitored and analyzed with ease. In case of an emergency, the device triggers off an alarm alerting the patient immediately.

The e-health market has been estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14.80%. The global market was touted to be valued at $98.09 billion in 2016. However, sales figures are estimated to $195.58 billion by 2021. Increasing cases of chronic and lifestyle diseases have made customers interested in accessing the services at the comfort of their homes.

Information and communication technology in healthcare aims at providing equitable health services to everyone. A shift in digitization of the system has contributed to a rapidly growing industry. People need solutions where they can effectively set aside intensive paperwork and have a one-stop enterprise to document all the records of any medical issues. A lower cost only makes the deal more lucrative.

With better infrastructure in place and proper internet communication systems we can achieve the ICT initiative. Surveys and records prove that the number of users that are technologically efficient has been growing exponentially every year. Healthcare is mandatory for all. The more affordable it is, the better is the demand. Major government initiatives and projects focus on improving the reach to the audience that needs it the most.

Moreover, a population boom, new and undiagnosed diseases, increasing the cost of healthcare, make e-health provisions a dire need. Multiple services such as clinical, financial and administrative services can be availed through these e-healthcare solutions that are consistently being rolled out and upgraded to meet the expectations.

E-healthcare solutions allow customers and patients to get educated about latest developments in the field of medicine. Additionally, they can figure out the physician they want to consult. Instant storage methods can allow them to present their reports at ease. Besides privacy concerns, these technological developments have paved the path for making e-health market a potential business ground.

Not only patients and customers, but medical practitioners have also benefited from the various analyses that come handy with these solutions. Latest trends, breakthroughs, opportunities, and medication launch details provide a decent projection into what to expect in the near future.

Market-wise North America has been a major shareholder in terms of providing e-health care solutions. Enviable infrastructure and high-speed internet connectivity make it a flourishing market. The development activities are expected to gain traction in the Asia Pacific regions too.

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