The sweet part of frozen food

The market for frozen food is on the rise and similarly the frozen bakery additives market is also growing at a high rate. The past few years have seen major growth due to several manufacturing as well as technical innovations. Of all the segments in the frozen food industry, the frozen bakery is the fastest growing due to the obvious reason of a sweet tooth among consumers as well as the unobvious reason of the applications of the same in the frozen bakery items industry being numerous. The market figures are expected to cross 40 billion USD by 2023 at a rate of over 7%. The market shares for the frozen bakery sector is not as attractive as the growth rate with the market share being around 10% of the total.

It is no secret that additives are added to packaged foods with the primary purpose of increasing its shelf life. Of course there are other advantages like better taste, freshness, aesthetic appeal and in some cases even nutrition, but the fact remains that these were not the initially intended purpose of adding additives. Over the years the additives have simply been perfected to provide these additional benefits thereby even arguably justifying the need for additives.

There are several reasons that can be attributed to the growth of the frozen bakery market: consumer preferences, preference towards convenience food, changing lifestyles, hectic schedules, easier to eat packaged food in a busy lifestyle and so on. The preference towards packaged food is also boosted by the rising consumer incomes, specifically a rise in the disposable income. Better living standards are prevalent in developed countries and this is mostly attributed to the higher earning jobs. But with higher incomes come more responsibilities and more time dedicated to working. This gives rise to a demand for pre-packaged and ready to eat food products, food that can be prepared at a moment’s notice and something which can be hoarded in advance for use when the need arises.

The frozen bakery additives market is driven by the technological advancements, product developments and the manufacturers’ attempt to meet the increasing demand. The prospects of competitively priced frozen food with nutritional values is also widened by the hectic lifestyle changes that are currently unfolding. Frozen foods also promote minimal food wastage since bakeries, cafes or grocery stores can use fixed quantities based on their demand and store the rest for future use. This is another advantage of the long shelf lives that packaged food boasts. As mentioned earlier, innovative new technologies as well as products is an area which can be improved upon to maximise the benefits of the industry. Overall there is scope for tremendous growth in the Frozen Bakery Additives Market.

As for the restraints to the market growth, there is still a notion that additives aren’t beneficial to health inspite of the numerous advancements that make them safe. Whereas the fact remains that is still a chemical and cannot be completely safe, it is still much safer than what it used to be half a decade ago and the safety is set to improve even more in the coming years. Another major challenge that the industry has to deal with is the potential physical and chemical changes that the products undergo during prolonged periods of storage, especially under non ideal conditions. Whereas increased shelf life is a promised feature, freshness is something that cannot be stored indefinitely. Also chemical changes may occur hidden from the naked eye when not stored properly. These storage issues and misconceptions regarding the safety of consumption need to be fixed in order to make for an unrestrained market growth. Overlooking these minor setbacks, even in the current state we can conclude that the additives market is here to stay.

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