Trends in Mycotoxin Detoxifiers Market

The Global Mycotoxin Detoxifiers market is a fragmented and well developed market particularly in the established and seasoned markets of North America and Europe. There are numerous players in the market and are actively involved in the expansion of the Mycotoxins Detoxifier market. Companies which have established themselves and have a head start are in the process of increasing their lines of products in order to have sustainability in the market. To counter the latest developments in newer types of diseases of animals, market players are involved in active R&D. The matured markets of Europe and North America regularly face the introduction of innovative products by market players in these regions. However, a number of market players are also trying to tap into untapped markets in emerging economies.

The most popular strategy by global market players is to focus on the launch of newer product lines in order to be sustainable in the competitive market. Other techniques of market survival and expansion include collaborations, partnerships, joint ventures, and agreements. Quite a few companies also employ the strategies of expanding in untapped regions through gaining investments. In the recenet scenario upto 2012 was to launch products under regulatory approval.

Kemin, Amlan, and Bayer are the top tier companies of the industry. Other prominent market players include Impextraco, Alltech, and Nutreco, which primarily adopted for acquisition as their growth strategy.

Latest market developments

  • Quorum Sensing (QS), a technique of selecting additives in feed ingredients is the latest development in the past year, which is critical for numerous biochemical responses, and is primarily a bacterial signaling method. The use of QS as a tool in the innovation in livestock and aquaculture markets of food additives was demonstrated by Nutriad.
  • Igusafe, a detoxifying product for the liver of animals was launched by Igusol in 2014, which enhances the defenses of detoxification, reinforces liver function by protecting liver cells and enhancing performance of animals.

The market is currently in an upsurge owing to the increasing number of market players globally. The primary factor driving market growth is the rising demand for protein in the processed meat market. The major market players in the Mycotoxins Detoxifier market are in the pursuit of continually developing newer products to counter the outbreak of diseases in animals, particularly in the livestock animals segment. In the current scenario, market players are increasingly investing in the R&D of innovative and better products to decrease the levels of mycotoxin in feeds. However, the contamination of feeds is unavoidable and it cannot be totally eliminated, but it can be controlled by the employment of various detoxifiers in feeds.

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