What Is In Store For Global Aptamers Market In The Coming Decades?

Aptamers – What are they and their usage-

Aptamers can be defined as short strands of nucleic acids or peptide molecules that are capable of forming secondary and tertiary structures. These molecules are capable of binding specifically to the cellular targets and are created by selecting randomly from complex libraries of synthetic nucleic acids. These receptor modules can be modified to enhance the stability and availability of biological environments. Aptamers have potential applications in the field of research, clinical, industrial and medical areas. Aptamers molecules have been in use ever since in the 1990s for their clinical relevance.

Aptamers Market Global Industry Analysis – An Insider Story

The global aptamers market is still in its nascent stage as aptamers are not able to establish their strong presence in the market even though; they have distinct advantages over protein therapeutics. However, the emergence of aptamers molecules in various diagnostic and therapeutic applications holds immense growth prospects in distant future. According to the report, the aptamers market worth was USD 128.03 million in 2016 with an impressive CAGR of 18% global aptamers market growth is poised to reach USD 293 million by the end of 2021.

The global aptamers market size is witnessing a huge growth owing to vast amounts being spent on higher research and development activities and investments in pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. Aptamers market got a boost with the launch of Macugen – the first aptamers drug and the first diagnostic test for testing mycotoxins in grains has recognized the potential of aptamers in diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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Aptamers Market – Drivers and Restraints

The extensive use of aptamers in the drug discovery and disease treatment will help in bolstering the aptamers market. The RNA aptamers have proved to be having high therapeutic and diagnostic value and approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of United States of America. The first aptamer based therapeutic for the treatment of age related macular degeneration was approved by FDA way back in 2004 with many other aptamer molecules are being evaluated in clinical trials.

Ethical issues, stringent regulations restrain the market and slow demand owing to regulatory hurdles is hampering the growth of this market. However, the technological advances in the field of targeted therapies, nanotechnology and medical imaging would facilitate the sustainable growth of the global aptamers market.

Market Segmentation of Aptamers Market – A brief overview

The global aptamers market is broadly categorized or segmented into Type, Application, and End Users and each of these segments are further subdivided that is shown in a tabular format for the ease of understanding the aptamers market herein below-

Type Application End Users
Nucleic Acid Aptamers – (DNA-Based Aptamers, RNA-Based Aptamers, XNA– Based Aptamers) Therapeutics Development Pharmaceutical Companies
Peptide Aptamers Diagnostics Bio-Pharmaceutical Companies
Research & Development Academic and Research Centers
Clinical Trials

Figure: 1 – Market Segmentation of Global Aptamers Market

Based on the type of aptamers market, DNA Based Aptamers occupies the highest share in the market and XNA-Based Aptamers accounts for the highest CAGR during 2016. The nucleic acid aptamers are gaining enough ground as a substitute for protein based targeting approaches. This market for nucleic acid aptamers is expanding due to the rising number of leading companies or players who are collaborating with various organizations and research institutions to develop customized nucleic acid aptamers. In the application segment/category – the therapeutics is expected to be enjoying a dominant share in the aptamers market by registering a strong growth of CAGR of 21%.

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Geographically, North America dominates the global market with the highest share followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific region. Asia-Pacific region is emerging as a playing ground for tapping increased opportunities in diagnostic and development of pharmaceuticals that remains untapped in the aptamers market. The major key players or companies in aptamers market include-

• Aptamer Solutions Ltd
• Aptus Biotech S.L.
• Base Pair Biotechnologies Inc
• NeoVentures Biotechnology Inc
• SomaLogic Inc
• Vivonics Inc

These key players are expanding their business operations by increasing their product distribution channels in regions such as China, India and other lucrative countries.

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