A Preview on Global Immunoassays Market Insights

What are Immunoassays – Introductory Summary

Immunoassays in simple terms can be defined as some of the laboratory tests or techniques to determine the presence of a substance such as hormones, drugs, and specific proteins based on the substances ability to act as an antibody or antigen in a chemical reaction. The molecule detected by immunoassay is often called as “analyte” and in the majority of cases is a protein even though it may have other kinds or types of molecules of different sizes as long as the proper antibodies having the adequate properties for the assay are developed.

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The common uses of immunoassays are in the measurement of drugs, hormones, specific proteins, tumor markers and markers of cardiac injury. The credit for the development of first immunoassays goes to Rosalyn Sussman Yalow and Solomon Berson in 1959. Since then the immunoassays market has evolved considerably with global immunoassays market breaking new records over these five decades.

 Global Immunoassays Market Insights – Its Market Growth

Immunoassays are playing prominent role in the analysis of many clinical laboratory analytes such as proteins, hormones, drugs and nucleic acids and as such the Immunoassay Market worth as on 2016 was worth U.S. $16.43 billion and is expected to reach U.S. $26.22 billion by the end of 2021 with a CAGR of 9.8% during the forecast period. During 2017, the immunoassay market growth is expected to value $20.5 billion due to factors such as increasing growth in healthcare technology, rising interest for next generation immunodiagnostics, increasing prevalence of infectious diseases and rising aging population.

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As per the Global Immunoassays Market Insights, the companies manufacturing immunoassays products or kits are trying out new products to enhance the safety of their product applications to increase their immunoassay market size and share.

Global Immunoassays Market trends are towards automated immunoassay systems and automation of ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) processing in addition to trends emanating from growing government and corporate investments in the pharmaceutical and biological segments in the emerging markets. The trends towards the rising global demand for non-invasive diagnostic techniques and the growing needs of reagents are expected to boost the immunoassay market growth in the coming decades.

Market Segmentation of immunoassays – An analysis

The global immunoassays market is aptly segmented into four categories such as Technology, Application, End Users, and Geography. Under these categories, the market is further segmented into the below mentioned types as shown in a tabulated format:

Application Technology End Users Geography
Oncology Enzyme Immunoassay (ELISA) Hospitals North America
Hematology Fluorescent Immunoassays Clinics Europe
Cardiology Cheniluminescence Immunoassays Academic Research Institutes Asia-Pacific
Thyroid Nephelometric Immunoassays Pharmaceutical and Biotech Vendors Latin America
Infectious Diseases Radio Immunoassays Laboratories Middle East
Allergies and Others Counting Immunoassays Others Africa
  Turbidimetric Immunoassays    

Table: 1—Market Segmentation of Global Immunoassay Market

According to a reputed immunoassays market report, the infectious diseases occupies the largest market share under the application segment whereas the ELISA segment is expected to occupy the largest share under the technology head due to expanding use of immunoassay tests in diseases such as cancer, infectious diseases testing, point of care diagnostics, and therapeutic drug level monitoring.  The hospital segment is the largest user of immunoassays under the head of End Users due to increased spending on healthcare infrastructure by both government and private sectors across the globe.

Geographically, North America holds the largest share of the global immunoassay market with a share of about 37% of the global market. The advancements in the research on treatment of infectious diseases followed by huge grants from government healthcare units or agencies especially in United States of America are contributing to the development of potential market for the expansion of immunoassay market in this region.

However, in the coming decades, the Asia-Pacific Market is expected to show the highest CAGR attributable to the increase in the prevalence of infectious diseases such as cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis and various chronic conditions in regions such as India, China and Japan leading to greater utilization of immunoassays in this region. Overall, the global immunoassays market would have a huge growth in the coming years due to rapid advancements in the field of medical science and technology.

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