Pharmaceutical Membrane Filtration Market Trends and Forecasts

With the immense development in allopathic medicine, the Pharmaceutical Membrane Filtration Market also witnessed parallel growth over the decade. As of 2016, the market value stood at USD 35.5 Billion. As the realm of health and medicine is evolving ever still, the pharmaceutical market is headed for an upscale market trend.

The pharmaceutical membrane market has widespread use in many other industries. Usually, every industrial product that requires the passage of two substances between a filter or permeable membrane falls under the category of membrane technology.

When compared to thermal separators, crystallization, distillation, etc., the machine-driven segregation process involved in membrane technology was more favorable to companies and workers. This led to a rampant shift of industries to the membrane filtration market, thus contributing to its growth.

Another factor that is driving the pharmaceutical membrane industry forward is the tremendous research and development that is going into the field. With the advancement of techniques like nanofiltration, genetic manipulation, and biotechnology the industry is bound to witness substantial growth. As the demand in the health and medicine industry rises, the pharmaceutical membrane market will also keep increasing in size.

The predicted CAGR for the growth of the pharmaceutical membrane filtration industry stands at 11.8% Globally. Therefore, the market is set to reach a size of 6.2 billion by 2021. The classification of the pharmaceutical membrane filtration market according to the products are as follows, Coated Cellulose Acetate Membrane, PTFE Membrane filter, MCE MeMembrane, Nylon Membrane Filters.

Market trends have shown variation according to the variation in the supply and demands of products. While MCE Membrane filters have been the largest contributors to the pharmaceutical membrane filter market in 2016, more advanced products like nylon membrane filters are slowly gaining momentum.

As it has already been pointed earlier, advancement in technology and innovation has been greatly accelerating the market for pharmaceutical membrane filters. Out of the many techniques used in this industry, the microfiltration technique has been studied to account for the highest CAGR up to 2016. With the cynosure of technology and biology, more environmentally friendly processes of membrane filter production are being developed. Research and development in the fields of genetic manipulation and biotechnology will attribute to the growth of the market by the beginning of the next decade.

The membrane filter production for the pharmaceutical industry is a massive enterprise.Therefore, it depends on numerous other applications and processes. They include raw material filtration, water purification, air purification, cell separation, and final product processing. The market trend for pharmaceutical membrane filters has witnessed variations according to the application too. The application with the highest growth contribution during the specific forecast period has been estimated to be the final product processing.

In a global scenario, the pharmaceutical membrane filtration market is studied to be different in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. The largest market share in this field is held by North America. However, in this recent forecast period of 2016-2021, Asi Pacific holds the highest CAGR.Production of generic drugs for air-borne diseases was a major contributor to the rise of North America as the largest market.

During the present forecast period, the market was dominated by German Company Merck KGa. Other companies with a high growth rate in the European market include General Healthcare Group from the United Kingdom Sartorius Stedim Biotech Group from France, and the Sweden Company Alfa Laval.

The North American market shares are mostly held by companies from the United States. The major ones include Koch Membrane Systems Inc., Pall Corporation, Graver Technologies, LLC, and Novasep.

The Pharmaceutical membrane filter company is growing at an even faster pace as of now. However, with the introduction of advanced processes and biotechnological engineering feats the market will grow at a rapid pace in the years succeeding 2016. Regions like the Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa are rising at a standard CAGR and will even out the market shares to a large extent by 2021.

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