What passes through women and sticks on to men? Not Power but Hemophilia!!!

Bruises are easy to acquire and a matter of pride when we are young. But even then bleeding was frightening. Now imagine these bruises and bleeding which does not clot in time being you constant companion as you grow into adulthood. And here bleeding does not mean only on the outside but inside your body as well. Bleeding inside your body means bleeding inside joints, into soft tissues in our body as well as in the brain. The very thought that this could happen is shudder-inducing. But it is not some made-up and absurd condition as you must be thinking. It is a prevalent disorder of which more than 400,000 people are suffering in this world 75% of whom receive inadequate or no treatment at all.

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There is currently no cure for hemophilia but many effective treatments have come into existence leading to an increase in the Hemophilia market size which may require lifelong infusion of expensive drugs that are manufactured from human plasma or through recombinant biotechnology. The Global Hemophilia Treatment Drugs Market is estimated to be about $5.18 billion in 2016.

Hemophilia is a recessive X-linked genetic disorder generally passed down to the male offspring. Females are rarely affected though some might exhibit mild hemophilia as the other unaffected X chromosome in their DNA becomes active to fight this condition. But the male offspring has about 50% chance of inheriting the defective gene if the mother is a carrier.

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Hemophilia is a congenital deficiency of clotting factor VIII(type A) or IX(type B), potentially resulting in spontaneous and life-threatening bleeding. Severity of this condition varies with the person. The ones suffering from mild hemophilia are often first detected when heavy bleeding occurs during dental procedures, surgery or accidents. Children with mild to moderate conditions of hemophilia do not suffer from any symptoms during birth, especially if they do not undergo circumcision. But for people suffering from severe hemophilia, internal bleeding like joint bleeds are common. This can cause complications in this condition like permanent joint damage caused by repeated bleeding episodes(hemarthropathy).

Global Hemophilia Management Market outlook comprises of treatment that focuses on preserving the physical health as well as quality of life of individuals with the disorder primary goal being the cessation of bleeding episodes. Both non pharmacological and pharmacological strategies are employed for the treatment which if promptly given, can prevent lasting damages. Non pharmacologic therapy consists of supportive care and physiotherapy while pharmacologic agents used are the likes of Desmopressin and antifibrinolytics. The selection of the appropriate agent and method depends on the severity and location of the bleed as well as factor deficiency.

Factor replacement is the treatment of choice for most bleeding episodes of individuals with conditions hemophilia A and B. Some patients with mild hemophilia may respond to desmopressin unless the bleed is life-threatening, but for those with moderate to severe hemophilia, factor replacement becomes necessary. This treatment is well tolerated with only 2% patients developing side effects like headaches. But it comes with it’s own problems like transmission of pathogenic viruses or prions and development of inhibitors. Inhibitors or anti-bodies are sometimes developed by our body’s immune system and they render the factor replacement treatment useless. Cost of treatment may also be a major concern for patients suffering from hemophilia as well as the healthcare providers.

Patient education plays a key role in the Hemophilia management market industry trends not just to ensure that the patients recognize the bleeding episodes quickly but also to ensure a higher quality of life through a thorough understanding of the disorder and the need for comprehensive care. Also age at diagnosis is related to the severity of this condition. Earlier the diagnosis, better the chances at treatment. This disorder has not spared even the royal family of Britain and was passed on among the descendants by Queen Victoria so it is probably not going to spare anyone of us.

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