Inspite of human kind having figured out that judging a book by its cover is not the most accurate of interpretations, the same has not yet been applied in the case of humans. A person is still judge by his appearance, the way he or she presents himself or herself, his or her clothes and so on. There are some places where your skin colour is also a factor to judge you on with racism being the jargon associated with the same. During the course of man’s stay on earth, immortality is one nut he hasn’t been able to crack yet. The fact remains that inspite of whatever creams and ointments you apply in your youth, you are going to age one day and nothing can prevent that unless there is an unlikely discovery of the fountain of youth. Whereas myth has failed, science has not yet given up. The first strides in this have been taken by the skin care industry.  They have challenged nature and come up with an elixir potion to prolong the life of natural skin. They are called beauty drinks and they are currently mankind’s weapon in the battle against aging.


Beauty drink is a general term given to all types of drinks that in some way promote skin regeneration or delay aging with the aid of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants or other constituents. There are a wide range of products available in the market today that claim to skirmish the signs of skin ageing and recover the appearance of skin.

From a scientific point of view, skin aging is caused by the presence of free radicals. These little guys lead to oxidation damage on the skin surface and cause the breakdown of the dermis and epidermis which is what leads to skin ageing. Eventually, the cells’ capacity to repair is also hampered leading to wrinkling, loss of skin suppleness and ultimate breakdown of the skin, although not literally.


Over the last decade or so, the market has been bombarded with a number of so called beauty beverages. It was all promises during the advertising campaign with the promises of turning the humble water into anti-ageing and skin perfecting tonics. They varied from Aloe Vera constituents to filtered water to latest clay and charcoal drinks but most of them remained as promises with not much satisfactory results to show for.

Theoretically a beverage filled with nutrients that have been proven to improve skin health should be the perfect merchandise and should be flying off shelfs. But consumption of nutrients that must ultimately reach the skin is quite an arguable method of application. You probably have better chances pouring it over your head rather than drinking it. The manufacturers claim that ‘A drinkable supplement can be an effective way to treat skin because it can contain vitamins that are more bio-available and easier for the body to absorb’. Of course, the body does absorb the vitamins. But these go to other parts of the body for use there and skin is not a high priority target on the body’s tend to list.

Inspite over the years, these drinks have garnered more criticism that support. The fact that they don’t really taste like milkshakes either doesn’t help in this regard. More often than not you’ll need to use artificial flavours and sweeteners just to make them fit to drink and this kind of takes away the purpose as these aren’t the ideal substances to ingest.


Over the past few years, the once dismal market has shown signs of improving. As more research is done in the field, skin care has renewed its hopes. With a bit of Hollywood influence, skin care has grown in importance several protein & cosmetic treatments for healthy skin are readily available in the market today. Within the next 5 years or so, bioactive drinks are expected to rule the market. With new players also entering into the market, there is also a healthy competition brewing and this will help the prospects of the market even further.

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