Nutraceuticals and Cancer Therapy

There are a variety of terms associated with the treatment of cancer which include surgery, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, stem cells, hyperthermia, lasers, photodynamic therapy, and blood product donation. The above are most the common treatments of cancer available and are generally used in the late stages of cancer. So is death the most probable fate of cancer patients? Can their survival be prolonged without the physical and emotional trauma of the available cancer treatments? Nutraceuticals—-the new food supplements in the market of cancer survivors and global companies of supplementary products!

How it all started

Increasing internet penetration and the vast amount of data available on the same has led many cancer patients to gain information on alternative methods to the available therapies for the treatment of cancer. Furthermore, these alternatives are rarely reported in the mainstream media and there is seldom any documentation and information available to caregivers regarding these. However, dietary supplements are becoming increasingly prevalent among patients as therapies for the treatment of cancer. Recent research has upped the ante by stating that some agents which are based on plants do actually effect processes of molecular origin and can also have an impact on cancers of late stages.

Alternative therapies against popular medical practices

There has also been a rise in the number of patients who have successfully fought cancer and have continued with their lives. In the US, the number stands at 10.5 million, who claim to be “survivor of cancer”. A primary survey conducted in more than thirteen countries concludes than more than 30 percent of cancer survivors had employed alternative methods of treatment contrary to popular medical practices. Scientists have also agreed that there is a possibility of fighting the ailment through the use of certain herbal based supplements in the diet. Conclusive research has anyway brought the possibility to the fore by inferring that certain compounds of natural origin have the ability to interfere with late stage cancers, and also in the staged of meta-stage cancer.

How it all goes down

Eugenol, Diosgenin, Capsaicin, Gingerol, and Proanthocyanadins, are among the few nutraceutical agents which have shown results in animal models and cell lines. Eugenol, commonly found in the oil of basil, cloves, spices, and cinnamon, has suppressive impact on the growth of tumors, not only in rat models, but also in human cell lines. It has also been proven to have growth inhibitory and anti-inflammatory properties and as have been other nutraceuticals.

Recent studies have further cemented the anti-inflammatory impact of Eugenol on the down regulation of VEGF, RECK, TIMP-2, and MMPs, which are all associated with the invasion of tumor cells. Even though this is not the whole picture of things to come, the concept of the application of natural medicine in the treatment and therapy of cancer is a matter which has gained a lot of popularity.

Market Health

It is a fact that nutraceuticals have gained immense traction in the market owing to the increasing health consciousness of consumers who are increasingly choosing these supplements over the synthetic ones which have flooded the market. The perceived health benefits might just be their use in the therapy of cancer or also their ability to provide supplementary nutrients to the body. The above caused an upsurge in the market and the global nutraceuticals market valued USD 192.1 billion in 2016 and is estimated to reach USD 271.96 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of 7.2% in the forecast period of 2016 to 2021, as quoted by Market Data Forecast in their report on the market.

There are more than 14 million newer cancer cases registered every year, and the feasibility of nutraceuticals as supplements of diet to aid in therapy is vast, which makes the global nutraceuticals market a potential gainer in the near future.

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