A look into Poultry Processing Equipment Market

Poultry Processing Equipment – An Introductory Summary

Poultry processing equipment in simple terms can be defined as that equipment or machinery used by the manufacturers of meat and poultry products for processing of meat using techniques such as pasteurization, blending, homogenization, and filling. Poultry processing equipment helps in the removal of toxins and in the preservation of the processed meat products. In addition, processed poultry products have benefits in the form of enhanced taste, low risk of contamination, enhanced shelf life and a high degree of portability.

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Since the beginning of 19th century when poultry industry, began its journey through meat production by way of establishing commercial poultry farms and egg farms, led to the rise and growth of global poultry processing equipment market. The growing demand for poultry products and advancements in technology pertaining to modern food processing industry is contributing to the growth of poultry processing equipment industry. The global market for poultry processing equipment has grown phenomenally with the poultry processing equipment market being projected to reach US$3.83 billion by the end of 2020 with a CAGR of 4.7% from 2015 to 2020.

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A Brief Analysis on the Growth of Poultry Processing Equipment Market

The poultry processing equipment market primary growth can be attributed to the demand of poultry processing equipment from large organized retailers as these retailers primarily sell processed meat products to their customers or clients. In addition, organized retailers are providing different types of products under one roof enabling consumers in saving their time and in choosing different poultry products available.

Over the past few decades, there has been change in the consumers shopping patterns with more and more consumers purchasing poultry products from hypermarkets and supermarkets thereby increasing the importance of organized retailers for poultry processing equipment manufacturers. As such, the direct correlation between the organized retailers and the manufacturers is helping in the growth of poultry processing equipment market.

The growth of poultry processing equipment market can also be associated with the rise in the private label processing meat products that are gaining popularity among the consumers due to their affordability. The private label poultry meat products are being stocked in retail stores and are available at lower prices compared with branded products. The global poultry industry is also focusing on production efficiency by using processing techniques to prevent meat spoilage through the usage of poultry processing equipment being sold by poultry processing equipment manufacturers and dealers.

In fact, to gain higher market share in the poultry processing equipment market, regional vendors in their areas of operation are providing high technology, highly customized meat and poultry processing equipment at a relatively lower prices than their international counterparts or vendors. The increased consumption of processed food in the both developing and developed economies is also driving the demand for the poultry processing equipment across the globe.

Segmentation of global poultry processing equipment market – Summary

The global poultry processing equipment market is segmented based on Poultry Type, Equipment Type and Product Type. Based on Poultry Type – the market is further segmented into Chicken, Turkey, Duck and Others (Goose and Guinea fowl). In this segment, Chicken occupies the largest market share of poultry processing equipment market, as chicken consumption is growing much faster than any other type of meat.

Based on Equipment Type – the global poultry processing equipment market based on equipment type is further segmented into Killing & Defeathering, Evisceration, Cutups, Deboning & Skinning, and Marinating & Tumbling. Killing & Defeathering occupies the largest market share in the global poultry processing equipment market that is projected to grow at much higher CAGR in the coming decades.

Based on Product Type – the poultry processing equipment market is divided under types such as Fresh Processed, Raw-cooked, Pre-cooked, Raw fermented sausages, Cured, Dried and Others. Fresh Processed meat products have the largest market share with a highest projected growth in terms of CAGR for the next five years in a row. Fresh Processed meat or their products have gained momentum due to changes in the eating habits and changing lifestyles due to globalization.

Geographically, North America is the biggest market in terms of market share across the globe due to huge demand for poultry products and meat in United States of America. In addition, United States is also home for intensive R & D initiatives to develop new varieties of processed products that drive or result in the manufacturing or developing efficient poultry processing equipment by poultry processing equipment manufacturers.

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