A Look at Global Crop Protection Pesticides Market

Crop protection is crucial for any farmer or a farming concern.  If the crops are not protected then they can be infested with pests, weeds and insects that will spoil the crop and it will not be edible any longer.  Because of unprotected farming or growing of crops may lead to different diseases affecting both humans and animals.  One of the best ways to protect the crops is to use crop protection pesticides.  The crop protection pesticides market has grown effectively and efficiently over the past years.  More number of farmers have begun to understand the importance of these pesticides and are making use of them appropriately.

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Crop protection pesticides are substances that are used to control pests or weeds.  Most pesticides are intended to serve as plant protection products, also known as crop protection.  These protect them from weeds, fungi or insects, due to which they have a healthy growth of crops that leads to good yield and profits for the farmers.  Not only does the farmer get benefited by the general public also ends up getting good, healthy vegetables which gives all of us an opportunity to eat healthy product that keeps us healthy and strong for a long time.

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The global crop protection pesticides market is estimated at USD 70.00 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 90.62 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 5.3% during 2016 to 2021.  Crop protection pesticides have a huge market, there is a decrease in the use of synthetic pesticide, while the demand for eco-friendly and bio-pesticides have increased.  Pesticides are commonly used as plant protection products that protects plants from damaging influences such as weeds, plant disease or insects.  Use of bio-pesticides is essential to have a healthy growth of plants and crops.

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Global crop protection pesticides market trends is based on the different kinds of pesticides available in the market.  It is divided into crop-based application and non-crop based application.  Pesticides market is again classified into synthetic pesticides and bio-pesticides.  There is more demand for eco-friendly pesticides in today’s day and age.  People and farmers have become more aware of how to keep the environment safe by using eco-friendly products which will ensure a safe and healthy plants and vegetation for all to consume and use.  Developed countries already use eco-friendly and bio-pesticides to safeguard the plants from insects, weeds and diseases.  While, developing countries, slowly are starting to use better variety of pesticides in farming.  Asia pacific is witnessing highest growth and demand for crop protection pesticides due to increase in population, people getting more aware of its role in farming and also due to the governments initiative in bringing better bio pesticides to the farmers, so that they can have a better yield and be financially well-off due to good growth in plans and crops without any disease or insects.  This market is bound to grow and make a better place in the developing countries; there is no doubt about it.

There are many companies who are manufacturing or producing such pesticides to help the farming sector bring better plants, cereals, vegetables and fruits for us.  Some of the companies are DuPont, Isagro SpA, Bayer CropScience, Amercian Vanguard, Cheminova, Chemtura Corp, Monsanto, Natural Industries and many other such players who are continuously producing better variety of pesticides to safeguard the plants and crops that are grown for all to use.

Be a part of the change, promote bio-pesticides and educate the farmers in rural areas about the use of pesticides to safeguard their plants and vegetation to get better profit and results in the long run.

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