Genetic Testing Market- Unravelling One Mystery At A Time

Genes are the basic blocks that define the personality of a person. Genes comprise chemicals which functions by carrying out instructions within the human body. Inherited from a preceding blood-line, it brings along chances of incurring diseases, chromosomal factors, and multiple other risks.

In such a circumstance, it becomes essential to conduct proper testing of the genes, chromosomes and other proteins. Genetic testing is mostly voluntary. With additional baggage of emotional and social aspects, the decision for choosing genetics testing is absolutely personal.

Genetic tests can be conducted by collecting samples of blood, skin, hair, nails, amniotic fluid and other tissues from the body. Usual processes involve a smear or swab test which assists in collecting samples from the internal cheek. Tested under special conditions, laboratory technicians look for specific changes in features of the various components which include DNA and proteins. These results are documented and made available to individuals on request.

Prior to the beginning of the test the patients are briefed about the procedure and its benefits. It is only with a proper consent that the tests are conducted. It is a certain fact that the patient is aware of the consequences of the test. In a few cases where the patient is an infant, only positive test results are conveyed to the parents. Subsequent steps involve educating the parents of any disorders or complexities that might arise. Proper tests and diagnosis can help identify life-threatening diseases in its nascent stages. Early identification helps in cranking up the curing process.

As a lucrative industry, genetics testing market has been rapidly growing over the past few years. Improvised and affordable healthcare is one of the top necessities of the recent times. Genetic testing is exactly the kind of sophisticated test that can identify even a slight change in the actual structure of the basic DNA.

According to reports, it is estimated that the genetic testing market is growing at a CAGR of 9.51%. The estimated value of the market in 2015 was capped at 37.51 million USD in the year 2015. However, latest advancements in the field are touted to increase the value up to 59.01 million USD by 2020.

Precision medicine capabilities take into account the genetic data to analyse the variability in genes. Incorporating the data science practices in the genetic testing process has made it easier for the analysts to recommend a proper diet and lifestyle altering solution. Additionally, an algorithm interprets and makes accurate data available for the customers.

Decoding genetic statement during the test can give the technician an insight of the risks associated with the particular bloodline. An aging population and increased mutations that cause disorders, and rising awareness are a few of the additional reasons contributing to the awareness. Breakthrough in the field of oncology has been made possible because of a flourishing genetics testing market. Despite high costs and reimbursement hassles, the process has not deterred individuals from taking up the tests. Following the suit is the Alzheimer’s disease which ranks second among creating a market share.

New diseases and prognosis have opened up a whole new dimension in the detection of mutations that occur naturally or otherwise. Unravelling the answers to these could actuallylead the way to curing multiple symptoms which were until now unheard of.The genetic testing market is highly relevant in North America. Asia Pacific and Latin American countries are catching up too. Tests related to prenatal and neonatal mutations have also been gaining traction. In fact, North America has been one of the first continents which have hit the ground running by successfully conducting screening tests for the former.

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