A Follow-up on Fermented Ingredients Market

Fermented Ingredients Market

Fermented Ingredients- Definition and Meaning

Fermentation can be defined as a process when agents such as enzyme, bacterium or fungus help in the conversion carbohydrates to alcoholic or organic acids under anaerobic conditions. Fermentation involves a process that is metabolic in nature performed to obtain a desirable chemical reaction through the growth of microorganisms to obtain the final product or process.

Fermented ingredients are those products that help in the process of chemical reaction in both food and non-food products enabling these products for their intended use. Fermented ingredients help the so-called fermented food in the growth of bacteria that is required for healthy digestion.

Regular intake of fermented food has health benefits such as the detoxification of the body, good supply of nutrients and promotion of gut health. The global fermented ingredients market was valued worth US$ 21.2 billion in 2016 that is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% that is expected to reach US$ 32.53 billion by the end of 2021. The demand for nutrition food products is helping towards the growth of the global fermented ingredients market.

Fermented Ingredients – A Source for Beauty Care

Fermented ingredients in ethnic foods such as kimchi and kombucha (Korean foods) have shown to improve the gut health as well as the overall appearance of the skin. Fermented foods have found their way not only as healthy foods but also as an innovative usage in beauty care where these ingredients have been highly beneficial for skin care treatments. The topical application benefits of fermented ingredients for good health and glowing skin include the following ones-

  • Fermented ingredients are helpful in boosting antioxidant levels of the skin
  • When used for topical skin care – fermented ingredients intensifies the bioavailability of the ingredients that means these ingredients are absorbed at a deeper level by the skin.
  • Fermented ingredients have a key role in enhancing the nutritional density of the food products.
  • Fermented ingredients have an enormous role in detoxification and protection of the skin.

The advancement in the medical and nutritional sciences is slowly replacing the chemically produced compounds by natural ones through the process of fermentation. An increased awareness about food preservation to increase the shelf life of the food products is another trend that is helping in the expansion of global fermented ingredients market. Fermented staple plant foods have found their way into the human food consumption chain as an alternative to dairy products especially for those individuals who are intolerant to lactose or who prefer vegetarian or vegan options.

Application of fermented ingredients in the pharmaceutical sector –

The global healthcare sector is one of the major sectors having a huge share in fermented ingredients in the form of fermentation of pharmaceutical ingredients. In this industry, fermented ingredients facilitate the conversion of a substrate to pharmaceutical products. According to reputed market research reports, over 1/4th of the global fermented ingredients revenues are being generated by their application in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The advances in the biotechnology with the foods products manufactured with fermented ingredients have now become available and affordable globally that is leading to declining traditional food systems. The development of bio-ethanol industry is also contributing towards the growth of global fermented ingredients market because bio-ethanol fuel is increasing supplanting petrol, which is mainly manufactured by fermenting sugar that is a part or source of fermented ingredients.

Key players in the fermented ingredients market’s competitive landscape

The global fermented ingredients market is characterized by moderate competitive rivalry among major companies that include Multinational Companies (MNCs) and domestic companies. These companies are quiet focused on product launches through their extensive Research and Development activities. Companies such as Cargill, BASF SE, Dohler Group SE, Lonza are some of the key players in the global fermented ingredients market.

The fermented ingredients market is serving the needs of food & beverage, feed, and pharmaceutical by providing high-quality fermented ingredients, which are of great importance for the pharmaceutical industry in the form of effective fermented amino acids and enzymes. Further, growth in demand for highly nutritious food products and personal care products is expected to boost the global fermented ingredients market in the coming decades.

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