Feed Phytogenics Market Countering Feed Antibiotics

All around the world, a search has been initiated for alternative to antibiotics which are conventionally used in animal feed supplements. This is majorly owing to the regulations and bans imposed by governments to curb the use of antibiotics in feed. Phytogenics are the real world alternative to these antibiotics as they are non-antibiotic feed additive growth promoters and perform the functions of improvement in functions of the gut. Palatability enhancement, and the provision of anti-oxidative effects. Let’s have a look at the global scenario of feed phytogenics market

Phytogenics feed additives for livestock

Spices, herbs, oleoresins, essential oils and some other ingredients are the constituents used in phytogenic feed additives. Antimicrobial activity is the most prevalent and distinct feature of extracts from plants. The above constituents are also well known for their antimicrobial properties against pathogens. Further, plant extracts have high efficiency against the elimination of a variety of pathogens found in the intestinal tract owing to the presence of the monoterpenes thymol and carvacrol. The above positive effects lead to an improvement in growth as well as the overall performance of the animal.

Also, there has been an increase in feed in take by animals owing to the improvement in the palatability which is due to the better odor and flavor of the essential oils which constitute the phytogenic feed additives. Some of the plants which are high in terpenes include the likes of rosemary, oregano and thyme.

The extracts containing spices, herbs and essential oils have led to an improvement in the digestibility of nutrients owing to their properties of digestive stimulation. The growth of pathogens in the gut is limited by their consumption. The elimination of these organisms in the gut not only leads to better nutrient absorption but also leads to lower competition for nutrients.


The major issue faced by the animal production industry is greenhouse gas emission. In this matter as well the phytogenic feeds help by providing products which are not only eco-friendly as they reduce ammonia emission but also increase the utilization of protein by animals.

Animal health Impact

Therefore, there is a positive impact on animals owing to the multiple benefits of phytogenic feed additives. Their introduction into animal diet has led to increased immunity, better feed conversion ratio and enhancement in growth performance. Further, it led to a lowering of mortality rate owing to the lowering of pathogens in the intestinal tract. The quantity of ammonia production and the level of toxins were also decreased.

Companies and Products

Biomin® P.E.P. is a new phytogenic product launched by Biomin which has the major ingredient of essential oil. Other products launched by the company include Digestarom® which aids in digestion and efficiency of feed, RevestArom®  which acts as animal feed premix and a product called NeoSweet which enhanced feed intake.

The company Delacon believes in increasing performance through the power of plants. They have launched a multitude of products based on their respective functionality and species. For consideration, to improve the efficiency of feed and poultry palatability a product named Biostrong 510 was launched, and a product named as Aromex ME was launched to support absorption and digestion.

Market analysis

The growth of the global Feed Phytogenics market is majorly driven by factors such as increasing reliability on natural growth promoters, rise in per-capita meat intake, and ban of in-feed antibiotics by the EU. However, lack of efficacy of these compounds due to their intricate nature and volatile nature of essential oils are the main factors hindering the growth of the market. The Global Feed Phytogenics Market was worth $0.51 billion in 2016 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 6.35%, to reach $0.69 billion by 2021. The global feed phytogenics market is growing at a substantial rate due to the progress in the animal feed industry.

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