There Is a Distinct Change in Global Controlled Release Fertilizer Market Growth

Agricultural industry has changed tremendously and there has been constant improvement in this sector.  More farmers are being educated in different methods of cultivating crops in a better way that would give them good yield as well as make them earn good money.  This is possible only with good controlled release fertilizers that would give nutrition to the soil, which in turn would give better nutrient to the crops that are sowed in the field.  All of this is possible with controlled release fertilizers.  These fertilizers are granulated fertilizers that releases nutrients gradually into the soil, the release is controlled and is more effective for the crops.

The global controlled release fertilizers market was worth USD 2400 million in 2016 and is estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 5.8%, to reach USD 3181.56 million by 2021.  Controlled release fertilizers are essential to improve the agricultural produce.  These have become important to sustain good farming industry as there is lot of urbanization happening and the numbers of farmers are dripping every year.  Agricultural produce is important to make a living for both farmers and non-farmers.  It is due to these produce that we are able to live and enjoy a healthy life.  If one wants to lead a healthy life it becomes important for the farmers to use controlled release fertilizers in their farms.

Controlled release fertilizer market sizes has definitely increased by the year and are divided based on application this market is segregated into crop based and non-crop based fertilizers.  Crop based fertilizers are further classified into grains, cereals, oil, seeds, fruits and vegetables.  The demands for crop based fertilizers are expected to increase because of increase in population and the demand for vegetables, fruits, cereals would automatically increase.

Controlled release fertilizers market worth is very huge, especially in developed countries.  These countries are already using this fertilizer which is letting them grow crops of hybrid variety, lasts long, does not get spoilt and most importantly retains the goodness and is naturally very effective and gives a good boost to the immune system.  Developing countries have started using these fertilizers and are trying to make the agricultural yield more effective.  People in the developing countries are slowly getting aware of these products and want the government to take initiative and start with some good schemes for the farmers, so that they can start using controlled release fertilizers for their farming needs.

Asia pacific and other developing countries are looking at some good growth in controlled release market size in their specific countries because the people as well as the farmers are being educated and are getting aware about the advantages that these fertilizers would bring not only to the farms, the yields the economy but also the general health as a whole.  Controlled release fertilizers market is a big and vast market and will continue to grow.  More new fertilizers get added by the day as research and development is a continuous process in this industry.

There are many big and small companies who produce controlled release fertilizers like, The Chisso Corporation, Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, Agrium, Yara international, Haifa Chemicals Ltd and many others are there who produce or manufacture the best controlled fertilizers.

Be a part of a developing agricultural sector, educate the public as well as the farmers regarding variety of fertilizers and how they will help them grow the best crop and give them a good yield both monitory and physically.  Have a green and clean farming industry, with the use of controlled release fertilizers in the farms.


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