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Children bring in immense happiness to a family. After all, a complete family is what one desires. A pregnancy detection kit is an ideal solution for women who are trying to conceive and planning a family. Faster and reliable results from these rapid pregnancy tests have enabled them to make informed decisions regarding the continuity of pregnancy. Lets have a glance at the pregnancy testing market.

These home tests are easy to use too. The most common form of tests performed at home is done by identifying if the Urine contains human chorionic gonadotropin hormones. Not only do these kits help detect the reproductive hormones, but also help in identifying the accurate date of ovulation and also detect the onset of menopause in women.

Visiting a pathological lab and waiting for test results in a conventional way is highly exhaustive in terms of time and money. It can be an uncomfortable situation for many too. Therefore, in such a demanding scenario where there is arising apprehension of an unprofessional approach, it hardly comes as a surprise when the market for pregnancy test kits is gaining traction. Self-test and initial diagnosis helps one get an idea of what to expect.

Rapid test kits are widely available globally in forms of dipsticks, strips and multiple other varieties. However, it still is a fresh market that is evolving at a fast pace. The global market for Pregnancy test Kits was estimated to be valued at $1121 million in the year 2015. With a consistent compound annual growth rate of 4.7%, the global market is touted to reach approximately $1410 million by the end of 2020.

Home pregnancy tests are exclusively private. If used correctly, it can give impeccably accurate results. Thus, it is preferred by most of the target audience. Make use of the different pregnancy test kits that are available in the market if you are trying to conceive. Easy to use with a myriad of instructions on the package, make it a comfortable choice for women who want to avoid a soupy situation of visiting the gynecologist for a test or a diagnosis of pregnancy.

Most women might not be aware, but sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of gestational diabetes. Lack of sleep by a few hours can double the risk of the condition, reports a study conducted by Dr. Sirimon Reutrakal. An early detection of pregnancy can help expectant women take up adequate measures to regularize their sleep patterns during pregnancy to safeguard the health of their infants and their own health. The studies also prove that lack of sleep impacts the weight of the child conceived. Not only does it put the kids at the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes but also the mothers.

Geographically, North America leads the pack when it comes to consumer behavior related to the pregnancy test detection market. Following the suit is the Asia Pacific region which is undergoing a population boom over the recent years. Other dominant markets have been Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa respectively.

The greater anticipation of a population explosion provides an ideal ground for the market to flourish endlessly. Additionally, the European market has been identified as one of the fastest growing areas for pregnancy and fertility units. United Kingdom holds the largest share of the pregnancy device market whereas Germany just follows suit.

The products from these leaders have been distributed through various channels such as drug stores, pharmacies, gynecologist, fertility clinics, supermarkets, and even online retail stores. Attached stigma aside, most consumers prefer their kits to be delivered at the doorstep resulting in a tumbling supply chain management of conventional stores.

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