The Anticoccidial Drug Market on the Global Scale

Before we delve into coccidiosis and its market, let’s take a look at the protozoa. They are a diverse group of unicellular eukaryotic organisms, with similarities to animal behaviour. Why we do we talk about protozoa? Because protozoa when it finds a home in the intestinal tract of animals leads to a parasitic disease which we all know as coccidiosis. It is contagious which the chief medium of propagation being infected tissue ingestion or contact with infected faeces.

The disease has risen in incidence over the past years and has led to losses to the tone of millions of dollars to both the cattle and poultry market as well as sub industries such as the meat and milk market. The only market benefitting from the scenario is the anticoccidial drug market which comes as no surprise since the market for drugs usually booms when the disease starts to spread. The two main categories in the anticoccidial drug market are the coccidiostatic drugs and the coccidiocidal drugs. The purpose of these two categories can be explained with the help of the proverb, “Prevention is better than cure”. Whereas the first category is more like a vaccine, preventing animals from developing the disease in the first place, the second one is a treatment medication, intended for use by infected animals. Although it is preferred to prevent the disease from affecting animals in the first place, in the event that it occurs, the main concern is to prevent it from spreading more.

One would expect that the antibiotics market would be the most important medication market. Antibiotics are needed in treating almost every disease even in the case of animals. The notion isn’t completely wrong since at the present moment that is the case, the antibiotic market does have a higher market share than the anticoccidials. But what is unprecedented is that in emerging markets, the anticoccidial market growth rate is several notches higher than the antibiotic market. China, India, Mexico and Brazil are countries where such a pattern is observed. This can maybe be attributed to the fact that these nations face a higher incidence of coccidiosis in their farm animals, but nonetheless it is a deviation from the expected norm. Another factor that maybe responsible for the high market demand is that the normal operating procedure in these countries is that if one animal on a farm shows signs of coccidiosis, they don’t take any risks and treat the entire farm population for the disease.

Whereas the situation in developing countries is as mentioned above, in developed nations the market has reached a saturation point. This isn’t essentially a bad sign for investing in the market. This is where the pre-emptive medication discussed earlier comes in. The reason that the developed countries have a much lesser growth rate is that coccidiosis has been controlled upto the most part with the vaccinations that form the other part of anticoccidial drugs. This relative safety of animals has led to the major market players shifting their attention from the developed markets and investing more in nations of South American and the Asia Pacific region. Mergers and acquisitions with the upcoming companies in the region are also high on the list of things-to-do for the market leaders as they try to ascertain market dominance.

A company which has recently come under the spotlight in the South American or Latin American market is Ouro Fino Saude Animal. It is widely considered as one of leading animal healthcare companies in the Brazilian market. Their range of products vary from antimicrobials and anti-parasites to vaccines, anti-coccidial drugs and other animal healthcare medications. They have established a foothold as a major presence in the Latin American region with future plans to extend their operations to Middle-East & Africa and the Asia Pacific market. Considering their presence in the African market, this company can be considered a very good target for those who are planning to enter the untapped markets of the developing regions.

This is just one of the companies which are on the rise in the field. The specific example was used as it was one of the companies that recently got media attention. There are several other companies in the region as well as globally which are quietly rising up in the world. They offer hot prospects for people who feel like investing in the market. As mentioned earlier, mergers and acquisitions are a major part of this market and new market players can come to agreements with the global giants to make for interesting developments in the field.

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