An Analysis of the Global Mineral Feed Market

Global feed mineral market has become really important because the way it aids in increasing the produce of the animal husbandry sector.

Why is it being used?

The global feed mineral market size has skyrocketed in recent times as animal feed additives ensure that meat quality and animal health stays premium at less cost. Because of the value driven nature of the sector, inorganic minerals are combined with organic components like protein and saccharine.

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Top producer:

The mineral feed market global industry analysis has shown that North America dominated the market in the year 2016, while Europe stood second. It is also expected that this demand for mineral feed is likely to grow by several degrees by the year 2021, if the demand persists at the present rate.

Expansion opportunities:

The growth of the mineral feed industry is directly related to the meat industry which too has seen some increase. After China, Europe produces most of the meat of the world, and the production is estimated to increase further.

At the moment however, the greatest opportunity for the expansion of the mineral feed lies in China, the largest producer and consumer of meat in the world. It has been observed that the citizens of China now have more disposable income, which leads them to choose meat as a source of protein in quantities larger than before. This will directly lead to increase in the revenue of the mineral feed industry in China.

However, at the present moment, US is the only country who uses mineral feed extensively, more than Europe or China. They are also the largest exporter of meat, which requires them to have the best healthy cattle with good quality meat, at low cost, something only mineral feed can provide.

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What it does?

Minerals in animals have various effects, primarily it is used to enhance bone development, activation of enzymes, keeping a neutral Ph level in their body. Feeding mineral in low amounts to animals, helps keep the animals healthy and prevents too much dependence on nature. Nature cannot be relied on as far as money and profits are concerned. Therefore the meat industry has resorted to scientific methods to ensure that the meat supply in the market is not affected by any means. As demand increased, the dependence upon feed minerals increases.


According to a mineral feed market forecast, countries like Brazil, Mexico, India, and South Africa will also soon adopt the mineral feed method because of the increased benefits of it. Awareness is spreading as the farmers of these countries become educated about the profits that can be derived by using scientific methods on their farms. The mineral feed industry is equipping itself to provide for a wider demand across the world. The manufacturers are adopting a method, where they are themselves investing in the farms that grow meat, to expand the use of mineral feed. It brings them profit and makes the use of mineral feed more widespread in even the poor countries.

Some figures:

Figures show that the demand will increase at 6.34% between the years 2016-2021, if the current demand of the meat industry persists. Forecasts claim that by the year 2021, the mineral feed insure will be worth 4.06 billion dollars.  Till now, Ruminant is the biggest consumer of the mineral feed industry its share being 40% in the market. Feed minerals for horses are the most in demand in the market, along with poultry. Macro minerals have a demand of 80% with Calcium and Potassium topping the consumed mineral list.

The growth of mineral feed industry and meat industry are interlinked. They are dependent on each other for growth. Investment in any one automatically leads to growth of another. This method of feeding minerals is probably the biggest breakthrough in the meat industry and has significantly increased its production.

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