Active, Smart and Intelligent Packaging Market – The ‘Next’ in industry

Perspective is important, what one person might see as utility another sees as an opportunity. Having a personal tomato patch is quite different than farming tomatoes on land the size of Vatican, even though it gives out the same product, their number varies exponentially, the thought that is put into also varies widely, and at every step of the process there are different variables to take care of. This is precisely what goes on with packaging, an individual giving someone a gift on their birthday do not have a lot to think about it except for the size of the box and the wrapping paper but for major corporations like amazon whose sole purpose is shipping, the packaging is a huge part of life. Lets see where the Active, Smart and Intelligent Packaging Market is positioned in this modern world.

Active, Smart and Intelligent Packaging

Active, Smart and Intelligent Packaging Market is involved in the packaging of products and it not only ensures a secure and safe reach to the customers but from the marketing perspective, also very significantly affects the presentation of the products that reach the consumers. The beverage and food packaging industries have majorly shifted from conventional packaging to advanced packaging. Food outlets and food apps have also invested in branding and advertising, through packaging. Online retail stores have also followed suit. It’s almost impossible now to see polythene bag that doesn’t carry a logo with it, you have to specifically buy them at supermarkets.

Recent technological advancements and innovative packaging alternatives have made it possible for the manufacturers now to improve and renovate their consumer outreach and gain a much better share of the market. For the food and beverage industry like sandwiches, French fries, and tea , the packaging part of the supply chain have come up with deliberate internal (active packaging) and external (intelligent packaging) which improve the whole general appeal of the products while also helping in retaining physical, chemical and microbial textures of the packaged food.

Active, Smart and Intelligent Packaging Market is witnessing a very good growth due to the constant demand due to ready-to-cook meals and frozen foods becoming more and more convenient. Also, the demand for sustainable packaging and strict food safety regulations enforced by food agencies have supplemented in its growth. Increasing health awareness in consumers, food wastage, and sellers concern for a good shelf life of food products is also supporting the rapid growth. Consumers expect a certain confidence with regards to packaged food and the threat from bioterrorism, organized food safety policies have created a huge opening for the Active, Smart, and Intelligent Packaging Market.

There are also environmental issues at play here, these advancements come at a cost, due to increase in these disposable bags and boxes, the amount of garbage generated per household is also increasing, these containers are discarded without any thought and very rarely recycled, if not at all. Use of plastic has become a global stigma and although developed countries are taking steps to rectify it by using cardboard boxes, aluminum foils and other materials, multinational fast food chains and local food outlets both are trying to maximize profit in developing countries like India and China by pushing polythene bags and plastic containers.

Is the convenience of plastic bags really worth the cost of pollution? No it’s not, which is why people often carry their own bags to the market when buying vegetables, but how does that solve the problem of packaging left when something arrives from an e-retail store? Well, they can be recycled, governments everywhere have been pressured into acknowledging these issues and have put in strict regulations and utilities for using waste products that come from packaging like cardboards but The thermocol that comes with it, to be honest, it’s not going anywhere.

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